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Valley Oak is 22 acres  located in North Centeral Florida, just a couple of miles from the historic Suwannee River.Here on the farm I ride and train registered rocky mountain walking horses, I also have a small flock of registered Jacob Sheep.The sheep have been a fun addition to the farm.I am a member of the JSBA and maintain the standards of the JSBA in my sheep .The farm is registered with the USDA as a scrapie free farm. Scrapie flock # FL57259 and FAMACHA certified. In early spring there is fleece and lambs for sale, please check the lamb page for lambs and adults that are for sale. I welcome all inquries and look forward to hearing from you.You can contact me at ;
Cindy Knowles                       E-MAIL;
Home; 386-935-0272                 
cell; 386-590-9534